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Setting up your email signature in:
Outlook Express (6.00)
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2002
Eudora 5

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Email signatures - setting them up and why they are important

So many business people are guilty of having very little on their signature - or no signature at all. It never ceases to amaze us at Vieve, the money people will spend on newspaper advertisements and the like but not even exploit a free and easy way to draw attention to their business.

Ensure it includes at least your name, title, business name, phone number/s and website address. Adding your email address is also a good option. Consider that someone down the communication chain may have been 'forwarded' your email or an email that has been printed off.

Some people also use this space to put in a one-liner about their current promotion or event or they use it to link to their opt-in form for their email list.

  • A signature can help increase traffic to your website as people will often 'click-thru' to learn more.
  • Most people deal with a huge number of emails coming through their inbox each day. Don't make them guess where you are located and what your business is.
  • Even if you know the person you are emailing, they may be forwarding your message on, so the signature can be useful for someone else.
  • Why not use it for marketing and to show-off a bit? Under your business name, why not include a line about your point of difference or put something like "Finalist in the XYZ best small business Awards 2007"

Setting up signature in Outlook Express (6.00)

1) In your main screen choose 'tools' and then 'options'

2. Then choose the signatures tab

3. If you already have a signature in there, it will be listed and you can edit it. If you are creating your first one, click 'new' and you will then be able to type your signature in. Then hit 'apply'.

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Setting up a signature in Outlook 2003

1. Open the 'Tools' Menu and choose 'Options'
2. Click on the 'Mail Format' tab
3. In the Message Format area, choose 'Plain Text' from the drop-down box next to Compose in this message format
4. Then in the Signatures section (at bottom of the window), click the 'Signatures' button
5. Click the New button
6. Enter a name for your signature (you can call it anything you want)
7. Under the 'Choose how to create your signature', make sure that 'Start with a blank signature' is selected; click 'Next'
8. Type your signature text in the box, and when you’re done click the 'Finish' button

Setting up a signature in Outlook 2002

1. Open a new mail screen
2. Click on the Options tab down arrow key.
3. Select “E-mail Signature”- create one at a time and click New to add another one
4. Type the Title - Work, Family, Friend etc.. (you may want to set your work signature as the default)
5. Press tab key to move down to the Create your email signature column
6. Setup the default type and leave “None” for the replies and forwards, unless you want it on those emails too.
7. Click OK to save signatures

Setting up a signature in Eudora 5

1. Go to the 'Tools' menu and select 'Signatures'
2. From the Signatures menu on the left, double-click 'Standard'
3. Add your signature to the Signature window and save the signature (Ctrl-S or Apple-S) and now your signature will be appended to each email message you send.

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